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Audio Sermons in MP3/WMA Format 

These files can be launched from this website simply by clicking on the link. However, the files are large, and quality and performance may be impacted by your connection speed, computer and many other variables. For slower connection speeds and computers, you can download the file before playback to potentially improve quality and prevent responsiveness issues.  This can be accomplished by right-clicking on the filename, selecting "Save Target As" and  then specifying a storage location on your computer.  Once downloaded you can play the file with your audio device or media program.

Sermon Notes are available for Tim Hall sermons. Simply click on the magnifying glass under Sermon Notes for the specific sermon, then print on your printer. Print the notes before clicking on and launching the audio file. You can then fill in the blanks as you listen to the audio. Guest Speakers are listed in the Sermon Notes column as well. Additionally, should you have questions, comments, or feedback regarding an Audio Sermon, just click on Contact Us in the left-hand menu.

Note: Effective September 4, 2011, Audio Sermons are now published on this site in MP3 format instead of WMA format. Should you encounter issues, or need assistance with converting files, please contact us.

We stream live audio during our Bible Study and Worship Services, click here to access.

Click on one of the links below to access 
Tim Hall Audio Sermons and Notes, Archived Audio Sermons,
LightGrams "5 Minute Message", or to request a CD/DVD

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 Request Audio CD or DVD
(DVDs are only available for sermons recorded after August 2009)


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